Way to Go: how Google`s computer beat the Chinese game`s world champ


Look: Smarties dropped on graph paper well, if they were black and white Smarties and the graph paper was made from wood. Which they are essentially aren`t. I don`t care. You understand. It`s an ancient Chinese parlor game with the counters that is played by 10s of millions of individuals, primarily in east Asia.

Is this the one that isn`t mahjong? That`s. Mahjong is more like rummy, whereas Go is more like chess rust aimbot .

And Go is the one that even the most effective computer systems worldwide can`t master? It was until today. Google`s DeepMind software AlphaGo has just beaten the world Go champion, Lee Se-dol of South Korea, in the first of a series of five matches.


Let the games begin! Three things to do at the London Games Celebration


Normally, the only way to get sent to prison in Trafalgar Square is by mounting Nelson`s column, but this weekend the ordinarily magnificent space is being used as a huge Monopoly board that visitors are invited to have fun with, in and on. Information are yet to be verified, but here`s hoping that Boris will be basing on the Go square in his stovepipe hat, distributing heaps of actual revenue. The properties are because of turn up for Saturday and Sunday, but do inspect the London Games Festival site prior to placing on your scottie pet dog outfit.


Spark Academy: Camp assists kids unlock code behind computer games


Simply because it's Spring Break doesn't imply kids have to put their minds into neutral. Students in grades 4th through 8th graders filled the LCC Downtown computer laboratory for the very first "Spark Academy" today.

"If you wish to get innovative or have any control ultimately about exactly what you see on a computer, on a phone, or in a game, then the ultimate tool of control is the code," said Robin Nelson, LCC computer technology trainer. "Mathematics is just naturally part of code, as is logic, so we end up learning that along the way. We don't learn math for math's sake; we learn mathematics to be able to do something cool with code.".