Way to Go: how Google`s computer beat the Chinese game`s world champ


Normally, the only way to get sent to prison in Trafalgar Square is by mounting Nelson`s column, but this weekend the ordinarily magnificent space is being used as a huge Monopoly board that visitors are invited to have fun with, in and on. Information are yet to be verified, but here`s hoping that Boris will be basing on the Go square in his stovepipe hat, distributing heaps of actual revenue. The properties are because of turn up for Saturday and Sunday, but do inspect the London Games Festival site prior to placing on your scottie pet dog outfit.

Now Play This

This three-day at Somerset House from April 1-3 is a bonanza of ingenious games, many of which have been created for the celebration and none of which you`ll have become aware of. Use a tabletop board made of shadows; attempt Qubit, a sport created especially for Somerset House`s famous yard that`s played with a quantum computer; and check out a human-scale badger sett. Day tickets are 8 see on Saturday for parlor game and massive battleships or Sunday for workshops on making your very own rules and playing pieces.

London in Video Games

Feast your square eyes on a piece of London history at the Museum of London`s retrospective of classic computer game. The museum has actually gathered 18 London-themed online games over the last year, enabling visitors to see the development of virtual reality from text-based console online games such as Streets of London to cinematic simulations like Sim City 3000. Thanks to retro emulation computer systems, there`s also the possibility to really play some in true 80s style, including the gruesome 8-bit platform experience Werewolves of London.